5 Ways Your Alcohol Service Can Show Wedding Guests They're Appreciated

5 Ways Your Alcohol Service Can Show Wedding Guests They're Appreciated

17 May 2022
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Serving alcoholic beverages of any kind at your wedding is fun for your guests. But a special touch or two will make this part of the festivities more than just a way for someone to get drunk and make a bad toast. How can you use alcohol to make your guests feel appreciated and give them better memories of your nuptials? Here are five things you might consider. 

1. Make a Signature Cocktail. A signature cocktail is a fun little treat for everyone, and it builds your wedding theme at the same time. Design one or two signature drinks that add something to the wedding story. It could include your favorite flavors or liquors, match the wedding color palette, or reflect your personalities as individuals. Tell the stories and then let guests enjoy a cocktail for themselves.

2. Listen to Guests' Preferences. When planning your bar, don't become so caught up in what you want to serve that you don't consider what guests want to drink. Your wedding style might be elegant and formal, but if all your guests are beer drinkers, they probably won't enjoy even the best red and white wine you serve. Instead, consider serving quality local craft brews along with a limited selection of wines. 

3. Have a Champagne Compromise. Many couples want to do a traditional champagne toast, and many guests look forward to it. But is the cost of the extra champagne holding you back? Find a good compromise by switching to a different — and less expensive — champagne alternative. Consider nonalcoholic sparkling cider, sparkling white wine, or prosecco, and then have your toast. 

4. Serve Nonalcoholic Options. Don't overlook the non-drinkers on your guest list. Serve some common alcohol-free options such as low- or non-alcoholic beer, sparkling cider, and virgin cocktails. Or make one of your signature cocktails into a nonalcoholic alternative. 

5. Have Two Bars. Guests aren't likely to feel appreciated if they spend all night waiting in lines to get to the bar. Save them this frustration by setting up more than one alcohol service point. Two or more bars scattered around the reception will provide everyone with the drinks they want but without the wait. And you can still control the alcohol levels by having bartenders rather than a self-service approach. 

Where to Start

Ready to wow guests with a signature cocktail? Need ideas for nonalcoholic choices? Looking for ways to save on everything from champagne to local craft beer kegs? Start by consulting with a liquor shop in your area today.