Medium-Sweet Red Wines You Can Eat With Dinner

Medium-Sweet Red Wines You Can Eat With Dinner

20 May 2022
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Do you find most red wine too dry? If a Cabernet Franc or Merlot sucks the moisture out of your mouth in a way you find unpleasant, that doesn't mean you should turn away from red wine altogether. It also doesn't mean that your only option is really sweet dessert wines. There are, in fact, a few varieties of medium-sweet red wine that are easy to enjoy with a meal. Consider the following varieties, in particular:


Zinfadel is a rather light-bodied red wine that isn't overly sweet but certainly is not dry. When you pour it into a glass, it may even look like a really dark blush wine. In fact, really light Zinfadel is sold as "white Zinfadel," which indeed looks more like a blush. White Zinfadel tends to be a little too sweet to enjoy with food, but classic red Zinfadel is just about right. This wine should have notes of blueberry, cherry, and plum, with just a touch of black pepper. It's great alongside chicken dishes and lighter pasta dishes.


Shiraz is a style of wine commonly produced in Australia, Canada, Argentina, and the U.S. When it comes from Australia, it is sometimes known as Syrah. This wine has a rich, red color, but its flavor is notably lighter than that of really dry red, and it has a tiny hint of sweetness that makes it easy on the palate. Shiraz is great with pork and sturdy enough to be served with beef.


Malbec is primarily produced in Argentina. It's a deep, rich red color and is pretty full-bodied, but it tends to be on the fruitier side and is not overly dry. Good Malbec has notes of cherry, plum, and raspberry. Some of these wines have hints of mocha and molasses. This is a great wine to pair with heavy beef dishes or tomato sauce — dishes that someone else might have with a Merlot.


Garnacha is a wine grown in the Sardinia region of Spain. It has a lot of spice with berry notes. While Garnacha can have a high alcohol content and tends to be very flavorful, it has a sweet, berry profile that tones it down and keeps it from feeling too dry. You could really enjoy this red wine with anything, from shrimp to filet mignon.

If you want to enjoy red wine but don't like dry wines, give these medium-sweet options a try.